21st Century Leaders

Leadership in the 21st century can’t rely on authority alone.  “I’m the boss, so you will do as you are told” simply won’t cut it. Nor will plugging away doing the same old thing because it works today. Leaders of tomorrow need to be able to engage and motivate people, adapt quickly to changing conditions and have the determination to pursue goals despite inevitable risks, challenges and resistance.

Transformational Leadership

Bix specialises in developing and supporting a transformation leadership approach.  That is because we are experts in helping organisations transform.  Either overcoming bumps in the road, implementing new ways of working to adapt to changing markets or competition or developing the skills and capabilities to exploit the opportunities of tomorrow.

The art & science of leadership

Bix specialises in developing transformational leadership skills and capabilities that enable organisations to overcome obstacles, grow and prosper.

Leadership that is a blend of head and heart. Implementing new technology, demanding high standards and quality and measuring and monitoring performance. At the same time, winning hearts and minds through effective communication, empowering others to act, creating a shared vision and having the strength and determination to deliver on promises made. Building trust upon which all good relationships are built.

Strategic Ideas

Leadership Training & Development

Bix offers a range of services to train and support business leaders within SME organisations. Helping them meet the challenges of today and exploit the opportunities of tomorrow.

Structured leadership and management training delivered in partnership with LMC Business. Mentoring and coaching offering a helping hand and a wealth of knowledge and experience when it is needed. Providing boots on the ground to implement new processes and new technology and help overcome challenges and obstacles.

Exploring opportunities and finding solutions together

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