Building Organisational Resilience

British Standards Institute say Organizational Resilience is “the ability of an organization to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to incremental change and sudden disruptions in order to survive and prosper.” To develop this ability, it is vital that organisations invest in internal skills and knowledge.  It is their people that will drive the transformations that are needed to remain competitive in the fast changing commercial landscape.

Knowledge is King

Where processes are absolutely core to the success of your organisation, then you will want to bring those in-house instead of outsourcing them.  You can then control how things are done, when and how.  Strengthening organisational resilience and agility, showing you care for your valuable people by investing in them, differentiating your business from your competitors, ensuring a focus on your organisation’s goals and potentially driving out exceptional costs.

Empowering your Team with New Skills

Our perfect blend of training and consultancy services focuses on developing key leadership, managerial and technical skills within your organisation. Skills and knowledge that will help your organisation achieve competitive advantage and high performance by exploiting digital technology, keep pace with every changing landscapes and get the best out of the valuable people that work for or with you.

So if you are looking for coaching & mentoring for leaders and senior management or technical workshops & seminars to upskill, empower and engage your team, then you can rely on Bix.  Learning, delivered by experts, that is interesting, relevant, informative and performance enhancing!

Digital Media & Knowledge

Digital Training & Learning
The Challenge of Getting things done

One of the biggest challenges smaller organisations face is implementing changes to the way things are done.  Introducing new ways of working that are necessary to survive and thrive.

Bix specialises in supporting transformation within SME and not-for-profit organisations by equipping those that have to lead and manage change with the skills, knowledge and tools they need to successfully implement their plans. Skills that recognise the differing needs of stakeholders, improve communication, enable challenges and issues to be properly analysed and understood and progress to be monitored and evaluated.

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Management & leadership, Digital Strategy, Customer Service, Managing High Performing Teams, Motivating your Team and much more. Developing practical and technical skills that focus on transformation, growth and high-performance!