Mere Words are Not Enough

“I don’t want just words. If that’s all you have for me, you’d better go” said F. Scott Fitzgerald famously.  We couldn’t agree more! Instead, we want words that inspire, engage and leave a lasting impression with our chosen audience. Words that flow from a passion, enthusiasm and desire to make a difference.  That are honest, sincere and not mere rhetoric. Anything less is a missed opportunity.

Words With a Focus on your Goals

Expert copyrighting recognises that what we say and how we say it may mean different things to different people. If we want to inspire and engage, we must use terminology and meaning that appeals to our chosen audience. For SEO our words must also be relevant and search engine friendly to achieve a high ranking.  Whoever said it was easy!

Writing your way to success

Copyrighting – wonderful words with a purpose:

  • Lovingly creating words for your online marketing that inspire, engage, inform and increase trust and credibility in your organisation and brand.
  • Written content for websites, email campaigns, social media, blog posts and newsletters. Original, crafted to meet the needs and expectations of your audience and focused on your organisations brand message and goals.
  • Strategically focused content – words that focus on your goals and the needs of your audience and that encourage engagement, participation or sign-up. So, words with purpose!

One-off campaigns or regular retainers to help you build and strengthen your marketing message, we will tailor a solution that is just right for your organisation.

A Passion for Words

We love words.  It is a truly creative process which we are very passionate about.  Just like for an artist, or photographer or designer, it is an opportunity to create something unique and something to be proud of.  That conveys a specific meaning in a way that is understood.  That achieves its purpose and encourages the audience to engage with the key message.

No matter what we write, therefore, it is done with care.  With thought. With a commitment.  And above all with enthusiasm. If that wasn’t enough, you get all this as standard!

However, we cannot forget the purpose.  Therefore our expertly crafted content will also achieve its purpose – improving search engine rankings, building trust and credibility and encouraging your audience to sign up to what you have to offer and keep coming back time and again.

Exploring opportunities and finding solutions together

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